2econd Avenue #1 on Christian Rap Charts via SoundClick

Today, my song has reached #1 on the Christian Hip-Hop Charts on SoundClick, one of the most popular music sites for unsigned and independent artists and producers. This song has been in the top 50 in the same category for a few months when the song was originally released in March. This is still the early version of the song and the final version will be prepared for the next project after the upcoming Hello Society. The Remix of Outcast Boy features MVP and Yung Shepard from the local Gospel Hip-Hop collective Twenty2 G-Crew.

This is the second time I’ve managed to hit the charts at #1 (no boasting). The last time was in 2009 in the Alternative Hip-Hop category with the song “Lonely Day” off my 1st release Paraphernalia. The digital version of Paraphernalia will be released exclusively here soon after the Hello Society release. Download and/or stream the songs below.