Being crazy is not always, and shouldn’t be taken completely as, negative. There’s a parallel culture from what the world purely defines “insane”. Insanity for a purpose expresses joy and happiness; a state of mind, body and soul that glorifies the Creator giving life to creation wholeheartedly.

David expresses this in 2 Samuel 6:14 when the Ark of God has blessed a household at the time the Ark was arriving to Israel. He revealed himself half-naked to the Israelites, who were deeply offended including his wife. When David’s wife confronted him, he replied “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the Lord.”

Whether you’re blessed or not have been yet, we should celebrate God in the most crazy-loco-insane way possible. He gave us the power to praise and the power to worship Him. This is what He’s pleased with! God’s people are not reserved or complacent, rather they are outgoing and ON FIRE for JESUS! This is the message behind this record and I pray that you will share with your friends. Let’s build in character and grow in God’s grace, for which we will be blessed! Enjoy the song below. 

Check me out this Sunday, November 20th as we are make another movement to feed the homeless. Admission is free as well as free refreshments, live music, visual art and an auction to put on top of that. All proceeds from the auction will go to J Charties to invest in an homeless shelter. If you’re in the North Miami area, please get involved to help an unfortunate soul. God bless each and everyone of you that reads this and those that will or have put the time in to help those who are in need. I mean why not? Thanksgiving is near. Those who are in need will have something to really be thankful about! – 2econd Avenue

FayBN and 2econd Avenue teamed up again to share this song with you. Please share, like, comment, etc…

“There is always that one thing in our life that takes us a long time to realize that God has given us the strength to over come through his spirit. But dont give up. Continue to seek Gods everlasting love. He’s given us himself in love through Jesus Christ. Lets realize this and give him our lives in love, and walk in the light.” –  FayBN

Tonight I will be sitting down with the lovely Summer Solstace on her radio talk show tonight cleverly titled “On Point with Summer”. She’s invited me to her studio to speak about the recent music I released and to discuss about my upcoming releases, events and many more. This is going to be a really good show. Have your ears tuned in for tonight’s show as we will have music, fun and excitement all leading towards truth and revelation.

The second compilation entitled “Speaking Volumes 2″ is available for download. This compilation was specifically designed in order to share our faith featuring 25 artists from different backgrounds, serving the current existence of society with God’s uncompromising word. The facet in this series contains the lyrics, the beats and the rhymes fit to bring unawares the gift of salvation embraced by our creator and having the 25 come together to launch this effort.

The compilation is primarily sponsored by I had the privilege to pass the digital cards out at the Braille/Sexes concert on Sunday as my only needed merchandise. I pray that this will bless you as well. Please check out what awaits you when you download this free compilation. Please be sure to share it with others! God loves you always!


1. Breez – So Coo (Radio Edit)

2. B. Major – Hallé (feat. Naya(KFA))

3. Nykki Pearl – Millionaire Blessings

4. JDB from the MAG – The Getaway

5. MC Psalmist – Food for Thought

6. U-Neek – I am U-Neek (feat. Gospel Diva Davis)

7. San Joe – Ain’t Got Gas

8. JP Fortune & Drudio Beats – We Ain’t Spoke in a While

9. D. Cooper – How to Love GMix (God’s Mix)

10. Ablaze – Flyin High

11. Sacred Apparel – Commercial

12. A-Chris-10 – I Will Search

13. Zeek – Gon’ Get It

14. PSDK & Lil’ Prophet – Press On

15. Concepts – Preach Life

16. XLZ – You Got One

17. Solja 4 Christ – Tone the Music Down

18. KnowDoz – Man of God

19. Everlasting – Frozen

20. 2econd Avenue – Stranger

21. Mystery Known – Bars of Life

22. Thedmncproject – God is Love

23. Kimla – Can’t Stop Praisin’

24. J Poetic – Deliver Us (feat. Leslie Reavely)

25. V.O.Y.C.E – Born Dead (feat. Andrew Norwood and C-Clarity)

I’m so excited to share the stage with Humble Beast artist Braille this coming Sunday. I encourage you to come be a part of worship and ministry as we all usher the Holy Spirit in. Braille from the mighty Lightheaded crew will be making a tour stop in South Florida at Potential Church in Hallandale Beach to promote his newest album Native Lungs!